Commercial Pest Control

Whatever type of business you have, we will keep it pest and rodent free so that you can concentrate on your area of expertise and what really matters…your business. We have several options that cater to your specific type of business. Our Home Star professionals know what to look for and will customize a plan of treatment based on your location as well as the variety of pests you might encounter. We know how important your work is and will schedule our treatments in a timely manner that will not be disruptive.

At Home Star we believe that pest control, especially when it comes to your business, needs to be unseen.  Which means we will do whatever possible to work with you in finding the best time to treat your business so that it does not interfere with your customers or employees.  We are available before or after hours, weekdays or weekends, to make sure your business stays pest and rodent free.  At Home Star we will work with you to determine the best service plan for your business. At Home Star, we offer different treatment plans depending on the type of business you have and what we feel is necessary to take care of your pest and rodent issues.  We will meet with you, do a total inspection of your facility and come up with a treatment plan that works for your business.  Our Commercial plans consist of  monthly treatments, bi-monthly treatments,  or quarterly treatments.  We understand that each business is different and therefore should be treated the most appropriate and most cost effective way to keep your business pest free.

Some of the industries we treat:


Day Care Centers
Hotels / Motels
Conference Centers
Golf Courses
Convenient Stores
Grocery Stores

This is just to name a few.

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