Lawn Care Programs

When it comes to your lawn care needs Home Star has the right lawn care service program to take care of all of your yards needs.  We take pride in taking care of your yard like it was our own.  Home Star strives on making your lawn lush, green and weed free. Below is an explanation of Home Star’s 6-Step Lawn Care Program to keep your yard looking plush and weed free year round. 

Home Star's 6-Step Lawn Care Program

  1. Winter (February) – Post-emergent weed control while lawn is still dormant.  Pre-emergent application for weed prevention for grassy and broadleaf weeds and control as needed.

  2. Early Spring (April) – Second pre-emergent weed prevention for crabgrass, dandelions, spurge and other grassy and broadleaf weeds.  Fertilization to encourage strong root growth and development and development in your lawn.

  3. Late Spring (May) – Time released fertilization, spot treatment for grassy and broadleaf weeds.

  4. Summer (July) – Second time released fertilization feeds and strengthens your lawn against heat and drought, spot treatment for grassy and broadleaf weeds, inspection for pest activity and recommended treatment for required control.

  5. Late Summer (September) – Specially formulated fertilizer for winter root stabilization with fall pre-emergent for weed prevention, inspection for fall lawn diseases and recommended treatment.

  6. Fall (November) – Second pre-emergent weed prevention creates a barrier, which prevents winter weeds, such as henbit, from germinating, and weed control as needed. 

Additional Lawn Care Services

Grub Prevention - This treatment provides a barrier to stop grubs from feeding on your lawn and root system.  Without this treatment you may have serious damage to your lawn before you are aware of any problems.  We recommend this treatment to be applied in May or June for best results.

 Fire Ant Control – This special treatmen2466.jpgt stops fire ants in their tracks.  Mounds killed on site and lawn treated for prevention.

 Nutsedge Control – Nutgrass (nutsedge) is a sedge weed that requires a minimum of two treatments to control.  These special treatments over a period of a season reduces the amount of nutsedge in your lawn and prevents future outbreaks of this persistent weed.

  The cost of Home Star’s 6-Step Lawn Care Program is based on the size of your yard.  We have different payment options available to fit your families needs.  So call Home Star today at (940) 736-3111 and lets us give you a free estimate on getting your yard in great shape.